SMS Solutions

SMS marketing provides an effective means for marketing your business. Think about it, for the cost of only 1 average post card with postage you could pay for about 6 SMS messages! Plus think of the number of people who are more likly to read a text message than your post card. In fact the text message goes right to their phone, something most people have with them almost all day. Most people only look at their mail once when they get it from the mail box. So your message is more likely to get to them and get read.

There are many uses of SMS messages for each industry type, in fact hundreds if not thousand of ways you would use it. So to give you some good ideas we listed some industries below and possiable uses.

Possible Uses Based on Your Industry

Business Reviews - Get reviews posted online and onto your Google Place/Map page!
- Check out all the details here, business reviews
Doctors Office - Patient reminder text messages - automatically send reminders to your patients about their appointment.
- Holiday and special office hours - send notifications about up coming office hours, holidays or other special info.
Restaurants - Coupons - send coupons to customers, many restaurants have had good success getting more people in from this
- Specials - send messages about specials your restaurant is having.
Car Repair/Oil Change - Oil change reminder - automatically send reminders that it's time to get a new oil change.
- Car service done - send messages to customers about their car repair or service being done and their vehicle is ready.
Real Estate - Property info/updates - put your txt number on your sign and people can get info about that property. You can set it up so people automatically get info about number of baths, beds, floor plans, etc...
Schools - School closings - easily send out a mass message of school closings.
- Emergency broadcasts - quickly and easily send out mass notices about school emergencies.
- School functions and other notices - easily send out mass notices about school happenings.
Church - Functions and events - easily send out messages about church functions and events.
- Important news - quicky send out messages regarding church news.
- Prayer requests - send out mass emails to encourage parishioners to prayer for someone.
Video Rental Shop - Return reminder - automatically send reminders to customers that their video rental is due back.
- New videos release - send out mass messages about new videos avaliable to rent or purchase.
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