Official Contest Rules

Welcome to the official contest rules section of our website. From here you can view all the official contest rules of the sweepstakes and giveaways Mobile Targets is providing mobile services for. Be advised contest rules do not change once the contest is underway. All contests not listed below which are being run using Mobile Target's services should follow the general contest rules below.

Official General Contest Rules

These are the official contest rules for those contest, sweepstakes and giveaways run using Mobile Target's services which don't have a link above to their own contest rules page.

Free Alternative means of entry

For a free alternative means of entry send an email to Mobile Targets via our contact us page and you will recieve an email response as to your entry. Please be patient as to process some entries my take up to 3 days to process.

Opt-Out of Contact Database

To opt-out of any contact database simple text back "STOP", without the quotes, to the shortcode number (include keyword) for the list you wish to be removed from. This does not remove your entry from the contest. Once and entry has been made it is final. To re-add or active your name back onto the contact list, text back "START", without the quotes, to the shortcode number (include keyword).

Contest End

Contests end 1 year from their start date. To determine contest start date please contact us and we will inform you of the contest's start date. After a contest has ended all entries will be invalid.

Limited Number of Entries

There are a limited number of entries that you may enter for a contest. You will recieve a text message discribing the entry as not being counted if you go past your maxium number of entries in a give period of time. To find out the maximum number of entries for a given contest please contact us.

Entry Fees

There are no entry fees associated with the contest(s). You may how ever be charged by your phone company for sending and/or receiving a text message. To find out about those details please contact your phone company.


Prizes are clearly labeled on promotional pieces describing the contest. To determine the prize for a give contest please contact us with the contest you wish to learn more about.


The change of winning is determined on a contest by contest basies. To find out the chance for a give contest please contact us with the contest you wish to learn more on.

Valid Entry

To be a valid entry it must meet all the following criteria. All entries must be done via a mobile phone or text message enabled device or by submiting an entry through our website. An entry must be done following all rules and regulations detailed in this Official General Contest Rules document. The contest holder reserves the right to clasify any entry as not valid.